Fanaticism and opportunity, a dirty business amid chaos

By: | Muhammad Ali Azlan |



My blood boils as I write this, this is as much a rant as an informed opinion. The country is in tatters, the Aasia Bibi acquittal aftermath has resulted in an extremely volatile situation in the country, complete media blackout of the protests and skirmishes are being observed, mobile services are suspended in some parts of the country.

Amid all this, the fanatics on the street are out in the open and making a complete mockery of their cause and the religion they say they are a part of.

They are out in the open, naked for the world to see, it is very upsetting, agitating and infuriating to say the least but when the country’s privileged class starts behaving like the supposed illiterate beings who they look down upon as ‘fundos’ and extremists start behaving in the same exact way without a semblance of dignity and shame in their overly pampered and guarded existence, It’s truly a state of disgrace and dismay. I for one bow my head in shame at how pathetic we as human beings can be, how low we can sink and to what lengths we are willing to go to exploit a development and treat it as an opportunity for petty gains.

The Advertisement Industry is in the dump with an obvious barrage of Indian ads on the media these days, Advertisements went down the drain due to a policy shift and I believe very firmly on this observation, people are bound to watch what you show them, so when you are out there with this power to shape the ‘hearts and minds’ of a very confused nation, you have an overburdening responsibility to be responsible. That is where marketing comes in, they come up with their charts and graphs and numbers telling the creative lot about what to and what not to do.

When profitability supersedes responsibility and ideology is nowhere to be found you get what we got from one of the biggest non-tax paying entities of Pakistan, ‘a cab hailing service’, they are the rage and I too am a customer and think that they are a need which is essential to meet our transportation woes but the marketing strategies that the new ‘kids’ are coming up with these days seem to mostly be hatched in a small room upon a commode.

A heartwarming story about a Christian man saving the day for a remorseful Muslim woman stuck between a ditch and a river comes riding his Pegasus and flies the woman to safety and drops her off at her destination with her and her ‘shame’ hitting the back of his winged stallion which is emblazoned with the company logo.

Too good to be true, maybe… overkill on the details? Perhaps, but I am clearly angry because I expect better from these people wasting millions of their parents hard earned money and behaving like complete twats.

See the pictures below, they will tell the story.



Wait, unfortunately there is more…. when the jig was up and they were caught with there pants down, they did not apologize, they did not stutter, rather like every hardened criminal they stuck to the story.

If you have read this op-ed/rant thus far then know that, ‘That’s not all folks!’

The most heinous and downright evil thing of the story was the driver and her supposed wife giving up their identity on a random social media page running the story and then “people” sharing the screenshots of their commentary underneath this futile explanation to make it worthwhile.

I will not share the image as I have the common decency to hide their identity in a very charged up and unstable environment where christian minorities can be targeted for various reasons.

From subliminal sexual innuendos to this most distasteful act of hawkish marketing, the psyche of this nation is in the sewage and there seems to be no hope on the horizon when such belligerent fools are the decision makers and future of the country.

‘Ganda hai B-S dhandha hai yeh’


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