Farishta Case: As a society we have hit a new low

Men are made to behave like a civilized person. There is a very thin line between humanity and savagery. If crossed, a human is deemed to be called a beast. Hands are shaking, words don’t suffice what I am going to write. Farishta, a ten years old girl was allegedly abducted and killed after being raped. She went out to distribute Iftaar (Ramazan meal) in Islamabad.


Her worried parents went to the police station to lodge the complaint about the until missing girl. However, what transpired on the police station is a shame for the society and our values.

Reportedly, the Station Head Officer(SHO) refused to lodge the First Information Report (FIR) and had the audacity to pass the judgment that the girl must have eloped with someone. A shameless, negligent officer violated the norm of professionalism. Following the condemnable behavior of the police officer, few activists of the Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement found an impetus for their politics to thrive. They alleged officials blatantly ignoring to register the case owing to the Pashtun ethnicity of Farishta.

Adding insult to injury was the non-professional and un-ethical reporting of a private news channel who in an attempt to diffuse propaganda by PTM aired apparently concocted news claiming Farishta’s father belonged from Afghanistan. However, investigations revealed the family of Farishta belongs from Mohmand Agency. Agreed, if we take the news as it is, still it does not mitigate the offense committed against Farishta in the month of Ramazan.

Farista’s dead body was found from the forest and was then dispatched for the autopsy on 21st May which confirmed the rape and murder.

Moreover, police on Wednesday claimed to have arrested the relative and widened the scope of the investigation.

Farishta case marks a striking resemblance with the famous Zainab murder case— where a seven-year-old minor was raped, killed by a pedophile who was then later executed by the court after a social media uproar. Social Media in this age is an only medium where the voice of an offended is heard.

However, now that #JusticeForFarishta is trending and has gone viral, everyone is working to find the killer. The SHO of the Shahzad Town police station has been arrested amongst four others. Even the Prime Minister, Imran Khan, and Army have offered help to bring her killer(s) to justice. But will any of this bring Nabi’s (Farishta’s father) child back? Will it undo the pain and torture Farishta went through before being murdered and dumped like trash? Will it save other children from going through the same?

Ironically, Farishta’s case should not be treated as a topic to fill a new slot for the time being. She was a child, like yours or mine, who deserved better than the curse of living in this society. Unless the state learns from Farishta and takes pre-emptive action to save other children before their mutilated bodies are found, there is no hope for the future of Pakistan.

To revive hope, a  movement to enforce public hanging and speedy trial against the accused in rape cases should be enacted.



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