FBR seizes first benami property of PML(N) senator as amnesty scheme extended deadline nearing to end

As the extended deadline of availing the Amnesty scheme is nearing to end, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has started to confiscate the un-named properties.


The first case reported is Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) lawmaker, Senator Chaudhry Tanweer’s Islamabad property which according to sources was named over his employee’s name was seized by the FBR.

Taking action against Benami properties, the FBR has confiscated 6000-kanal land of the  PML(N) leader.

Senator Tanveer had these properties named after his workers. The workers have been identified as Shah Jahan Begum, Shakoor and Abdul Aziz.



The Minister for Science and Technology, Fawwad Chaudhry stated that he met the Prime Minister Imran Khan this morning who meant business.

“Government did all it can to bring these guys in line seems they thought it will be business as usual, met PM in the morning and it is very clear that he means business,” said Fawwad in his tweet.

It is pertinent to mention that the Scheme which was brought to give chances to the people to whiten their foreign/local, movable/immovable properties, Bank accounts located in the country or outside to disclose them so that they can avoid taxes and further investigation was last extended on Sunday–July 30th over the reports of people taking interest in availing the scheme.

The opposition has been critical over the Amnesty scheme stating that the incumbent government headed by Prime Minister Imran Khan was against the scheme introduced by the Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz).


Reportedly, Imran and the PTI was critical against the Amnesty scheme in the past on the pretext of providing the opportunity to money launderers and Tax evaders to whiten their black money.


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