First Public Appearance after Narowal incident: Ahsan Iqbal attends CTD passing out parade

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday, Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal attended his first ceremony amid standing ovation honored for him, after getting recovered from the wounds he sustained in assassination attempt.


Addressing to the Counter Terrorism Department(CTD) ceremony here, the minsiter stated that he takes pride over the law enforcement agencies for fighting against the menace of terrorism.

Ahsan who survived an act of terror in Narowal on 6th May, said that Pakistan has sacrificed precious lives in the war against terror, further adding that one more enemy of peace attacked him.

Furthermore, the mister also monitored the passing out parade of CTD, also including a special women delegation participated actively in the ceremony.

IG Punjab, and other senior police officials were present in the ceremony.

Earlier on Thursday, the minister attended the cabinet meeting  chaired by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Speaking to the media, Iqbal said the government had decided to take critical actions against militancy. “We will not let the terrorists target our future. Those who spread hate amongst the people of Pakistan are the enemies of state,” observed the interior minister. “We have to unite against the enemies hidden within our ranks and ensure their failure.”



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