Following PM Imran initiative petroleum company also becomes the part of Clean Green Pakistan project

KARACHI: By leading from the front, different organizations have followed Prime Minister Imran Khan suit in playing their part for ‘Clean Green’ Pakistan.


This time around, on the occasion of Pakistan’s 71st Independence anniversary, Byco a petroleum company based in Karachi, Sindh,
conceived of launching their sustainability initiative to plant trees and to distribute seeds through its 350-outlet strong retail network across Pakistan.

To kick off the campaign, Byco planted 1000 trees at the Urban Forest Park at Clifton, Karachi which uses the Miyawaki method of afforestation. The company also planted 2000 trees at its Bowzer Village next to its refinery in Balochistan.

On 13th October, prime minister Imran Khan inaugurated ‘clean and green Pakistan, here in the capital city.

The premier, inaugurated the drive while participating with college students, cleaning trashes.

When asked about the rising repercussion from the effects of global warming, the cricketer turned prime minister urged the need to plant more trees.

It is pertinent to mention here that Newsone is also leading the drive to ‘Clean and Green’ Pakistan, as the management of this reputed news channel believes in healthy life which is not possible without realizing the need to clean our vicinity and the country.

Climate change is a global issue and according to surveys conducted in different parts of the world, the over all temperature in the world would rise to near average 2 Degree centigrade with 5 to 10 years.

To combat this rising threat, cleanliness and plantation of trees is a civic responsibility.

on Monday, PM Imran announced an ambitious five-year long “Clean and Green Pakistan” campaign aimed at beautifying the country and for a better future of coming generations.

Addressing the launch of the campaign here at the PM Office, PM Imran made an appeal to the media, religious scholars, social workers, to become part of the campaign.

He explained in detail the contours of the unprecedented campaign, based on Hadith of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him); “Cleanliness is half of faith”. The federal cabinet gave the nod for the launch of the campaign in its meeting last month.

The prime minister recalled the crystal clear water streams in Islamabad, the beautiful lush green gardens of Lahore.

He announced that around Ten billion trees would be planted across the country in next five years.

The prime minister said the campaign would practically kick off on Saturday, Oct 13 with the President, Prime Minister, Governors, Chief Ministers taking the lead in cleaning the country.

PM remarked that governments cannot solve problems without the cooperation of citizens, adding that only around 42% of Pakistanis had access to toilets.

He said that an estimated 40,000 children are killed each year because of unclean drinking water.

PM in his speech has directed to take strict action against unclean toilets of CNG stations, Petrol Pumps & Public places.

The PM has also asked citizens to send in pictures of dirty toilets.

To a question, Imran Khan said the government would adopt a multi pronged approach to address the issue of solid waste management, discharge of effluent from the factories and hospitals.


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