Fourth Lahooti Melo kicks off in style

KARACHI: The annual Lahooti Melo festival kicked off in style today (Saturday).


The two-day-festival is taking place in Jamshoro where artists, activists and people from different walks of life are performing together to highlight good arts and social problems.

“We believe that by organising such events, we can inspire social change and begin to transform our community, country and the world,” stated the description on the festival’s Facebook page.

The organizers have dedicated the festival to much larger issues such as gender discrimination. Hence, the theme: An ode to the liberated woman.

The organisers also aim to simultaneously engage members of the academia, government officials and head of institutions so that some practical solutions can be carved out from the festival.

Started in 2016, the fourth Lahooti Melo is being organised in collaboration with the Sindh Culture Department.


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