Government only cuts petrol price by Rs2 per litre instead of Rs5 as recommended by OGRA

ISLAMABAD:  The Minister of Finance had announced on Saturday night that Government reduced the price of petrol by Rs2.07 per litre in a reshuffle of rates of petroleum product.
Now the new price of the petrol is 86 rupees per liter, the ministry informed.


The Prices became effective from the mid nigh of April 1, 2018.

Rate of diesel has also gone down by Rs2, after which it would now be available at Rs96.45 per litre.

Similarly, light diesel oil would also have the same price i.e. Rs65.30 per litre.

However it is pertinent to mention that Oil Gas Regulatory Authority had recommended the prices of petrol to be reduced by 5 rupees, but the government only conceded to 2 rupees cut down.



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