Heat stroke claims one life in Karachi today as mercury hits 43° Degree

KARACHI: According to Newsone heat stroke has claimed one life in Karachi today, as mercury has hit 43° Degree centigrade in the metropolis.


Pervaiz  resident of Quaidabad, aging 52 years old succumbed to the intense heat wave pressure on his body.

The scorching heat wave that has engulfed the city as well as other parts of Sindh will be elongating another four to five days, as per reports by the country’s weather monitoring authority.

Coupled with the heatwave, relentless power cuts and water shortage in many areas made life miserable for denizens of Karachi.

The current heat spell, according to the Meteorological department, is expected to continue for the next five to six days.

The PMD official had warned that since the start of summer, the province had already been belted with a total of three heat waves and there is a possibility of there being more in May and June.

Nawabshah, Sibi, Jacobabad, Larkana and Dadu will the ones to face extreme weather conditions in the next few days.


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