IHC discards Nawaz’s plea seeking to club all three references into one

ISLAMABAD: On Friday, the Islamabad High Court has announced the reserved verdict over the appeal filed by erstwhile prime minister Nawaz Sharif seeking the court to club all the three references into one, so that the awaited judgement by Accountability Court comes together.


Today the court dismissed the plea, paving the way for the Avenfield reference verdict to be announced soon, as the Supreme Court of Pakistan earlier this month extended deadline for Accountability Bureau to conclude graft references by the mid of July.

Nawaz Sharif, daughter Maryam Nawaz, Captain(R) Safdar, Hussain, Hassan Nawaz are all accused in money laundering references filed by the NAB on the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan in Panama verdict, last year.

Nawaz, Hussain and Hassan are indicted in all three references, whereas Maryam, Captain(R) Safdar are accused in Avenfield reference which is near to is completion.

Other two references are Al-Azizia and Flag ship investment.

Avenfield reference deals with the London’s flats owned by Sharifs allegedly through money laundering.


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