Imran Khan decides to marry a third time

KARACHI: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has decided to get married a third time.


According to unconfirmed reports aired by Dunya News, the name of Imran Khan’s bride is Maryam who is sister of Bushra, a daughter-in-law of Pak Pattan’s Manika family.

It is reported that Bushra is Imran Khan’s spiritual guide and she is the wife Customs Officer Khawar Farid Manika.

Earlier on Sunday, during an interview with Indian media, Imran Khan had stated that it is not in his blood to give up and the idea of marrying for the third time is ‘more open than before’.

Sources close to Imran khan, however, stress that reports of his third marriage or nikah are baseless. He is holidaying with his sons outside of London.

PTI’s spokesman Naeem Ul Haq said that the news about Imran Khan’s third marriage is baseless.


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