Imran, Mahatir understand issue of combating Islamophobia

ISLAMABAD: On Friday, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad said Pakistan and Malaysia understand the issue of combating Islamophobia.


Addressing a joint press conference with Prime Minister Imran Khan, the Malaysian premier said, “There is fear, enmity towards Muslims and the example of that is Christchurch [attacks].”

“We need to find other ways of combating Islamophobia, I think Pakistan and Malaysia understand this issue. Fighting back doesn’t always mean killing each other. There are other things we can do to reduce this atmosphere of fear, anger towards Muslims,” Mahathir Mohamad asserted.

Regarding his talks with the premier, Mahathir Mohamad said, “We are giving importance to trade with Pakistan and had bilateral discussions on issues affecting the region and the world. If we increase our trade with each other, we will benefit. Today, everyone is focused on growing their economy and it is necessary that we have some wealth of our own in order to function as nations.”

Earlier, the Malaysian premier, who is on a three-day visit to Pakistan, was presented a guard of honour as he arrived at the Prime Minister House.

A smartly turned out contingent of the armed forces presented the guard of honour to the visiting dignitary as he arrived at the PM House. National anthems of both the countries were played on the occasion.

The Malaysian premier is visiting Pakistan at the invitation of Prime Minister Imran Khan. Prime Minister Mohamad will be the guest of honour at the Pakistan Day Parade on March 23.


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