Imran slams Trump’s Jerusalem decision, say US president does not consider Muslims as humans

ISLAMABAD: By far, a vehement condemnation by any political figure in Pakistan has come from Pakistan-Tehreek-e -Insaf’s chairman over the decison of Washington authorities that has conceded to the Israeli stance of accepting Jerusalen as Israel official capital.


“People Like Trump don’t consider Muslims as humans”, said Imran.

Imran Khan in a press talk after appearing in front of Anti-Terrorism Court,  slammed United States of America president Donald Trump for official announcing Jerusalem, which is a matter of dispute between Israel and Palestine as a capital of Israel.

He also added, that Palestinians are being oppressed by the Israeli regime and demanded the Muslim world to stand against this decision.

On Wednesday President Donald Trump officially announced Jerusalem as the Israel capital. in a bid to promote ‘peace’ and resolving disputes of Israel and Capital.