Indian media claims SAARC conference in Pakistan cancelled

The upcoming SAARC conference in Islamabad will be cancelled, according to Indian media.


Nepal, which currently chairs the SAARC, is seeking a new venue for the annual summit in November after a number of members decided to boycott the conference in Islamabad, Indian media claims.

As chair of the SAARC (South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation), Nepal is trying to move the conference out of Pakistan in an effort to salvage the 19th summit. No summit is held even if one nation does not show up.

In a high-level meeting called by Nepal Prime Minister Prachanda in Kathmandu, it was decided that efforts will be made to reach out to other countries to ensure that the SAARC project goes on.

Afghanistan, Bhutan and Bangladesh along with India have already pulled out of the conference, citing Pakistan’s alleged role in fomenting terror in the region as the reason.

On Tuesday India’s Ministry of External Affairs had confirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi would not be attending the SAARC summit in Islamabad.

“In the prevailing circumstances the government of India is unable to participate in the proposed summit in Islamabad,” India had said in a statement.