Iran floods: Home and people swept away as rescue operation minimal; 60 killed

According to foreign media reports, heavy flood in Iran this week has taken lives of 60 people fearing death toll might rise owing to the scarce access of rescue workers to flood hit areas.


Buildings, roads and infrastructure have been badly affected as officials have alarmed more over flow of water after dams are 95 percent full, causing more devastation. 

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced, and many are in urgent need of food, water, tents and blankets. 

Deaths have been reported in more than a third of the country’s 31 provinces. Among the hardest hit areas was the city of Shiraz, where over a month’s worth of rain fell in a day, most of it in two intense 15-minute downpours.

The scale of the damage has been so bad that authorities have banned foreign journalists from visiting the worst affected area, claims a foreign news outlet. 

But terrifying videos posted on social media showed flood waters sweeping away whole houses, ripping desperate people from poles they had clung to for support and carrying cars along like children’s toys, some with people still inside.


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