Journalist mistakenly slams fake account of Zartaj Gul Wazir over Mira Sethi wedding photo

An image of actress Mira Sethi being kissed on the cheek by her brother Ali Sethi has sparked a slew of hate-filled tweets directed at the siblings on social media, with people abusing the duo and spreading fake news.


Senior journalist Najam Sethi himself got involved in a heated Twitter exchange late on Friday when he reprimanded a fake account posing as Minister of State for Climate Zartaj Gul Wazir for sharing the photo.

Wazir, from her real account on Twitter, posted a screenshot of the tweet for her followers, and claimed that Sethi had blocked her and actually knew he was tweeting at a fake account.

“Check the level of investigative journalist @najamsethi – responding to a FAKE account, and asking me to apologize! He knows I blocked him last year after he tweeted nonsense,” Wazir wrote on Twitter.


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