Karachi: Rangers recover large cache of arms from graveyard

KARACHI: Rangers and intelligence agencies personnel conducted a search operation in the city’s Sakhi Hassan graveyard and unearthed a huge cache of arms, in the wee hours of Wednesday.


According to details, Rangers recovered a large cache of arms buried in Sakhi Hassan graveyard. With the help of 15 vehicles, Rangers were able to cordon off the graveyard and conduct their search along with personnel belonging to intelligence agencies. During the search operation, weapons in large quantities were discovered buried in the graveyard.

Sources disclosed that Rangers had conducted the search operation based on information provided by arrested suspects. On the other hand, police conducted raids in Karachi’s Surjani Town and Jamshed Quarters areas, taking into custody four suspects. Two alleged drug peddlers were also taken into custody by police from Soldier Bazaar.

On the other hand, a case was also registered for the killings conducted in Nazimabad at a religious gathering three days ago in which five people had been killed. Sections pertaining to murder, attempted murder and anti-terrorism were included in the case registered.


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