Kashmiris facing state sponsored terrorism: FM Qureshi

ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi called upon the international community and global human rights organisations to immediately intervene and protect the innocent Kashmiris from the ongoing killing spree by the occupation forces in the Indian occupied Kashmir (IoK).


Addressing a press conference here, Qureshi said the surge in oppressive tactics by the Indian occupation forces in the IoK clearly manifested a state sponsored terrorism unleashed against the Kashmiris.

Qureshi expressed his optimism that the world was not so oblivious and senseless to such callous treatment of the Kashmiris in the IoK and urged upon the human rights watchdogs to ”at least distinguish between an issue and the ruthless killing spree”.

The minister also urged the international community to take notice of the continued unprecedented events of barbarism and inhuman oppression against the innocent Kashmiris in the IoK.

He said that yesterday some 14 Kashmiris were killed and 300 others were reportedly injured, many among them sustained critical injuries.

It appears now the Indian forces are on the killing spree, he said, adding they were not out to quell protestors and crowds by resorting to aerial firing but yesterdays events showed their aim to kill.

I hope the world will raise its voice over the Indian state terrorism in IoK, he added.

The minister said he had also written letters to the secretary generals of United Nations and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), besides addressing the UN Human Rights Commission (UNHRC) for bringing their attention to such grave human rights violations in the IoK.



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