Lahore Development Authority kicks off anti-encroachment drive across Lahore

LAHORE: On Tuesday, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) started a drive across Lahore against land mafia and illegal encroachments.


During the drive, LDA is going to retrieve 31,687 kanal state land, 280 acres land of the forest department, eight plots in the Walled City, 636 kanal land of LDA, and 32 plots worth Rs2 billion of the Metropolitan Corporation Lahore (MCL).

Deputy Commissioner Lahore Anwar-ul-Haqm while talkin to the media said, “Temporary and permanent setups in marketplaces will also be removed.”

He added that the operation will start from Sabzazar truck stand, Anarkali, Willingdon Road and Urdu Bazaar.

Notices have been sent to illegal occupants in LDA, MCL and Walled City, he further said.

Further, the deputy commissioner said, “Two teams consisting of 40 members each have been made. The teams will also have 20 trucks and two loaders.”


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