LFD: Data Science Company assisting government in releasing figures, models and estimation related to Covid 19

WebDesk: Statisticians across the world are getting united to predict the trajectory, building models to estimate the loss which may arise amid Covid-19 a pandemic which has affected more than million of people.



Along with paramedics, these statisticians or data scientists are leading from the front while predicting what can happen if containment of disease is not practically applied. One such example in Pakistan is the new start-up company which is able to make its name within four years. The company is Love for Data– LFD  operating from Karachi and has the network across Pakistan.


According to internal sources, the figures which the government provided before the Supreme Court was based on the findings of LFD which stated that if the containment policy is not followed strictly– the figures can rise to 50,000 by the end of April.

Moreover, the federal ministers such as Asad Umar— the Chairman of Planning Commission on Sunday shared the predictive trajectory released by LFD on his twitter account.

“Very interesting analysis of beginning of covid cases in different countries and the response time in terms of restriction on activities & mobility. Pakistan moved faster than many developed countries,” stated the PTI stalwart.

Recently reappointed State Minister for Narcotics Control, Shehreyar Afridi gave a glimmer of hope crediting Prime Minister Imran Khan and Asad Umar efforts which altered the trajectory based on the findings shared by LFD.

Leading Digital Pakistan initiative of PM Imran, Tania Aidrus also announced that Digital Pakistan has started to collaborate with LFD to tackle #Covid2019 through artificial intelligence.

“Excited to announce Digital Pakistan and Love For Data, coming together to help make data-driven decisions during this fight,” she tweeted.

The LFD is also playing its important part in the Ehsaas Program being headed by the Special Assistant to PM on Poverty alleviation– Dr. Sania Nishtar in gathering the data which can provide deep insight of the households which falls under the extreme poverty group.


Prime Minister focal person on Covid-19, Dr. Faisal Sultan credited LFD’s CEO– Syed Tajammul Hussain in assisting the government while providing the pertinent data related to Covid-19 through artificial intelligence in a  talk show aired at the private news channel on Tuesday.


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