Maryam asks PMLN workers not to feel nervous about possible verdict in Avenfield reference

Just hours before the awaited verdict in Avenfield reference was scheduled to be announced, asked PML-N workers “not to feel any pressure, nervous”, adding that her father and their leader had already gone through “jail, disqualification, exile” before.


Nawaz Sharif chose the path of sacrifice which upholds the sanctity of vote despite knowing that he would have to pay for this decision, she said in a series of tweets on Friday.

The verdict-in-avenfield-corruption-reference-against-sharif-family has been delayed multiple times until 3:00pm after initially being set for 12:30pm and then 2:30 PM. The court earlier dismissed the father and daughter’s applications on delaying the verdict by a week.

“Tigers of Pakistan Muslim League-N, remember! Do not feel nervous no matter what the verdict is! All of this is not new for your Nawaz Sharif. He has been disqualified before, has been sentenced for life, has been jailed and has suffered through exile,” the daughter of the PML-N quaid said.

Meanwhile, her husband retired captain Mohammad Safdar, who is not in Islamabad to hear the decision despite being one of the defendants in the case, said: “Some time remains in the rise of the funeral of justice.”


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