Maryam physical remand extended till Aug 21; Shehbaz slams arrest, alleges govt of distraction tactic

LAHORE: An accountability court in Lahore on Friday approved the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) physical remand request of PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz and her cousin Yousuf Abbas until August 21.


The court had earlier reserved its verdict on NAB’s request for the duo’s 15-day physical remand. Following the hearing, Maryam was driven away from the court by NAB officials.

A day earlier, the PML-N vice president and her cousin were arrested by the anti-corruption watchdog in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills (CSM) case.

During the proceedings, NAB official said that suspicious transactions had been carried out in Maryam’s bank accounts. He added that NAB had summoned her twice.

Asadullah said that Maryam was a shareholder of CSM while Abbas had been a shareholder as well as director.

The NAB lawyer said that Maryam did not provide satisfactory answers to their questions, adding that shares that she had purchased in 2008 were transferred to her father, former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, in 2015.

Moreover, opposition leader in the national assembly, Shehbaz Sharif condemned the arrest of his niece Maryam- daughter of his incarcerated brother– Nawaz Sharif at Joint Parliamentary session.

He further accused the PTI government over alleged “distraction tactic” as he accused the government of resorting to such measures in an attempt to hide its “failed” policy on the Kashmir dispute.


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