Meera aspires to work with Bollywood King SRK in films

KARACHI: Pakistan Lollywood actress Meera  has expressed her desire to work with  Bollywood Star Shah Rukh Khan in near future.


 The veteran actor, Speaking to media during her visit to an academic institution, said that she is currently penning down a book after reading which the interest of the people in the film industry will be rejuvenated.

“There should be an acting academy in the country,” the Lollywood artist said.

Responding to a question, the actor said that English language is her favourite subject and had she been a teacher than actor she would have been teaching the language.

“I love Persian as well,” she said.

The actor said that her mother was affiliated with education sector, and she always wanted to give good education to her children. The film artist demanded the government to provide free medical facilities to artists and their families.



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