Meesha Shafi expresses no-confidence on session court judge, alleges ‘evident bias’ for Ali Zafar

KARACHI: On Saturday. singer Meesha Shafi filed a petition of a lack of confidence in the judge hearing the case of Ali Zafar’s defamation suit against her.


According to a media report, the singer filed a petition with Lahore’s session judge expressing her lack of confidence in judge Shakeel Ahmed who has been hearing Zafar’s case against Shafi since the past six months.

It was revealed that in the petition, Meesha had argued that the judge had displayed an evident bias towards her opponent due to which she has filed the plea.

“The defendant does not have any confidence that the learned judge will be able to impartially and fairly proceeding in the case and hence desires to transfer her above-mentioned case to any other court of competent jurisdiction,” read the petition.

Meesha further urged that the case be transferred to another judge in place of the one who had been hearing the case previously.


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