Mehwish Hayat corrected Tarek Fatah for misleading tweet on Pakistan’s polio drive

Pakistani actor Mehwish Hayat has schooled Pakistani-Canadian psuedo journalist Tarek Fatah for tweeting a polio scene from her 2018 film as a real-life event.


Tarek Fatah misrepresented a scene from the actress’ film Load Wedding in which a woman can be seen refusing a polio worker’s request to give her child polio drops.

It’s a clip from the film and the polio worker is Hayat who goes door to door  distributing polio vaccine.

Mehwish Hayat trolled him saying “Thank you for giving your two cents on this but please first verify the source before posting next time. It’s a scene from my movie ‘Load Wedding’, the polio worker is me and that woman an actress. Through the film we were raising awareness of the issue.”

“Glad to see our performances were so convincing,” she said taking a jibe at him.

Twitter loved how the starlet clapped back at Tarek like a boss. Even journalists and cricketers lauded her for schooling Tarek.

Tarek who is known for spewing venom against Pakistan, has now deleted his tweet.


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