Modi an Adolf Hitler reborn

By: | Muhamamd Tabish Sarfaraz|


74 years after the Allies destroyed the Nazi tyranny that it has surfaced again anew. And 84 years after the Nuremberg Laws stripped German Jews of their citizenship, the Indian government, led by right-wing Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) has introduced the Citizenship Amendment Bill 2019. The BJP, ideologically a vicious and extremist Hindu nationalist party, is backed by the equally violent and anti-Muslim Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).

The similarities are uncanny. The BJP rose on fiercely anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan rhetoric laced with economic development agenda. The Nazi’s were similarly anti-Semitic. The Nazis organized and perpetrated the Reichstag fire to garner support. The BJP used the encroaching into Pakistani airspace for voter approval in February 2019. The next step in this generational similarity is for BJP to begin suppressing political opponents, start a state-sponsored concentration camp program and begin in earnest its expansionist plans and try to bring to life the concept of Akhand Bharat. Much like Hitler envisioned a self enduring thousand-year Reich, the Akhand Bharat is the ideological twin in South Asia.

And if one takes the similarities further, it develops more. The leaders at both ends were notorious for coming from humble backgrounds; Hitler a failed artist, Modi a former tea salesman. They both worked their way up and used racist ideologies to propel themselves to a position of power. The slight difference being, Hitler’s Germany was made on the backdrop of ideology and the party he professed and molded. Modi is simply removing the garb of secularism from the face of Indian politics and society.
The only difference to this entire story is based on how the world shall react? Will it wait and carry out Appeasement like before? Or will it begin pre-emptive measures against India? Will the world wait for the plans on the cards to materialize and wreak havoc? Will the global conscience be alert? More importantly, can the world go through another genocide? Will the world look the other way because of economic interests?

Necessary questions though they are, somewhere, in the back of the mind, we know what is truly on the cards. 4 months have passed since India locked down in Kashmir and made its already illegal occupation, all the more illegal. The world watched in silence.

And I fear the world shall continue to watch in silence as India continues to highlight that its Secularism is lip service.
This tension is all the more dangerous considering the nuclear threat present in South Asia. The world without nuclear weapons saw 70-85 million deaths in the Second World War. The seriousness is all the more prominent now. Before innocent lives are destroyed, the world needs to ask this; would you allow the global community to go through it all once again, knowing that the threat is avoidable? Because rest assured, in Narendra Modi, the world and South Asia, are seeing Adolf Hitler, reborn.

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