Mohsin Dawar admits attack on check-posts was to convey Pak Army to leave Waziristan

Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement leader and Member of National Assembly, Mohsin Dawar on Tuesday admitted that the attack on Pakistan’s Army check posts was to convey Pak Army to leave Waziristan.


During an interview given to foreign media outlet after going into seclusion following the attack over army check posts headed by Mohsin Dawar and MNA Ali Wazir, the former said the attack was meant to convey Pakistan’s Army to leave South and North Waziristan.

On Sunday, members of PTM attacked Pakistan’s Army soldiers who were deployed at check-posts as they had staged sit-in in North Waziristan demanding Army to leave amid anti-army sloganeering.

However, MNA Ali Wazir whose video is viral social media can be seen slamming Pakistan’s Army and inciting people for violence was arrested by the Law Enforcement Agencies.

Whereas, Dawar managed to escape the scene as his whereabouts are not known uptil now.

Pakistan People’s Party Chairman, Bilawal Bhutto today demanded the production orders of MNA Ali Wazir in the National Assembly.


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