Motorcycles run rampant on expensive hockey astro-turf in Karachi


KARACHI: A video clip showed motorcycles running rampant on an expensive new blue astr-turf in Karachi’s Abdul Sattar Edhi hockey stadium.


According to details, a video clip surfaced on Tuesday which showed a mela being held at the Abdul Sattar Edhi hockey stadium in Karachi. Motorcycles ran amock on the expensive turf as a dog show was also held. Sources disclosed that the new turf was worth Rs 50 million, which had been set up by the Hockey Club of Pakistan.

The sports department was particularly annoyed at the episode as the Secretary of Sports, Mohommad Rashid, said that the purpose of the new astro-turf was not to have motorcycles run on it. He said the intended purpose of the astro-turf was to have players practice on it.

Secretary Pakistan Hockey Federation Shahbaz Senior said that assurances had been given to them that the event would be organized outside the stadium He said that the astro-turf would be reviewed further.