Multi-Talented: Safdar Kaleem continuing trends of reciting Nauha on rare topics

BY: Syed Tazmeen Javed


Noha— Elegy has a history of beyond 1400 years, dating back to the time of Prophet Nooh (AS) who was named “nooh” because he cried over the ill-fated nation that did not hear to his commandments. Therefore this is derived from Nooh in Urdu language. However, in Arabic, it is known as latmiyas recited over Imam Hussain’s martyrdom (AS)— the grandson of Prophet Muhammad (SAWW).

With the changing trends and demand, Nauhakhuwani (Elegies) has evolved with the passage of time. More unique ideas are therefore coming to enhance public listening. Especially in Muharram, every NauhaKhuwan tries to introduce a new topic related to Ahlulbayt (AS). Hence, this year a prominent and senior NauhaKhuwan who is also a video director and Directer of Production- came forth with a new idea in the history of Nauha Khuwani.

Safdar Kaleem, who is also running his own personal “Focus Studio” record videos of variousNauhaKhuwans including famous NauhaKhuwan Farhan Ali Waris.

Moreover, this Safdar year recorded Nauha on Syed Muhammad– the son of 10th Imam– Imam Ali Naqi (AS) buried in Iraq continuing the trend of his unique and rare work.

It is pertinent to mention that last year he recorded Nauha on Zaid Shaheed— the son of Imam Zainul Abideen (AS).

Syed Muhamad is regarded as Bab-ul Hawaij(The door where prayers are approved) and many have narrated that Iraqis pledging on his name never turns away from their vows.




As mentioned, Farhan Ali Waris records his video album from his studio. This is the link:

And I personally would thank Safdar Kaleem for giving me the best video of my life as he directed my video of Quran-e-Karbala Nauha.




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