Muslim countries should play active role in developing ummah: Imran Khan

SLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman wished Pakistanis and Muslims across the world a happy Eid Mubarak and urged leaders to play an active role in developing the Muslim ummah.


Taking to twitter, Khan wished the country Eid Mubarak a little early.

PTI chief Imran Khan also said that the wealth of the nation was not being spent on the masses but only a select few individuals were withholding it. Khan stated that the message of patience and perseverance that Ramazan had taught should be implemented by everyone. He urged all to rise from self-interests and place the general welfare of the community before everything else.

Imran also urged the global community to adopt seriousness to tackle poverty, illiteracy, division and exploitation. He stated that it was time to stop those who kill the general welfare for their own benefits.

The PTI chief is expected to leave for London on the third day of Eid.


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