Mustafa Response: Governor Sindh was involved in May 12 massacre

KARACHI: Pak Sarzameen Party chairman Mustafa Kamal called the Sindh Governor the brain behind the May 12 massacre in fiery tell-all presser held on Thursday.


In a series of serious allegations, he hurled against the governor Kamal said that the Governor House was the “command and control room” for May 12,2007 massacre, where over 40 people were killed and over a 100 injured.

“I have video evidence where the governor is confessing that he knows about the massacre that will take place on May 12. How did you not resign from the Governor’s position when you knew so many people will get killed?” he said.

“I demand that investigation for May 12 be reopened,” he said.

The presser came a day after the governor called Kamal’s tenure as mayor full of corruption. The governor alleged that Kamal was mentally ill and called him ‘bipolar’.

Kamal called the Sindh Governor Ishrat ul Ebad ‘Rishwat-ul-Ebad’ the second time this week in a direct attack on his character.

Kamal said that in his presser yesterday the governor said two things. “First that he [the governor] was the establishment’s man, secondly everyone should be scared of him.”

Kamal said that he was glad that the governor had taken up a stance for the first time in 14 years. “We wanted him to speak up.”

Kamal said that the governor and the MQM Founder were a nuisance for the country.

“But I am not scared of anyone but Allah,” he said.

He said that his office was teeming with people who were bringing complains against the governor. “So many complains that we will have to open a corruption cell against the governor.”

He said that the governor was trying to hide behind people like Naimatullah Khan and the DG Rangers.

He said the governor had alleged that that Kamal had laundered money to Malaysia and London. “If that is the case launch an inquiry on me.”

He added that the governor was behind the May 12 massacre, and he was blaming him instead