Nawaz shifted to hospital in emergency with sudden drop in platelet count

LAHORE: On Monday eve former prime minister Nawaz Sharif was shifted to Services Hospital Lahore for medical examination and treatment after his condition deteriorated with a sudden drop in his platelet count.


According to a National Accountability Bureau (NAB) spokesperson Nawaz was tested for dengue fever at the hospital, but the test results came back negative.

Taking to Twitter, the former prime minister’s personal physician Dr Adnan Malik stated that Nawaz required immediate in-hospital care.

“Former PM #NawazSharif is detected to have critically low Platelet Count (16*10^9/L) that could be due to multiple pathologies & requires immediate in-hospital care. I’ve requested the concerned authorities to act in urgency please,” he tweeted.

A team of specialists, led by Principal SIMS/Services Hospital Professor Dr Mahmood Ayyaz, examined Nawaz and conducted the necessary tests to start treatment accordingly.

Earlier, Dr Adnan Khan met Nawaz Sharif for consultation and evaluation in Kot Lakhpat Jail. “He’s visibly unwell and has multiple serious life-threatening health issues of acute nature,” he wrote on Twitter.


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