Never invited Ishratul Ebad to join PPP, says CM Murad


KARACHI: Chief Minister Sindh Murah Ali Shah on Tuesday visited the Karsaz martyrs’ memorial on the 9th anniversary of the tragic bomb blast that claimed 177 lives.


Talking to the media on the occasion, CM Murad Ali Shah announced a special investigation into the incident and vowed that the blood of the martyrs would not be allowed to go to waste. He said that all evidence of the blast had been removed from the location the morning following the attack.

About the allegations levied at Governor Sindh Dr Ishratul Ebad by PSP chief Mustafa Kamal on Monday, Murad Ali Shah said this was not the first time such accusations had been hurled at the governor. The chief minister said that some people in the past have declared Ishratul Ebad as one of their own while others have distanced themselves from the governor.

Murad Ali Shah added that Ishratul Ebad’s matter is concerned with the federation. He also said that he had never invited the governor to join the Pakistan People’s Party.

The chief minister called for the federal government to review its treatment of provinces. He said that Punjab is being favoured by the government at the expense of other provinces, which should not be the case.

Mustafa Kamal on Monday claimed that Governor Ishratul Ebad played the biggest role in politics of Karachi and called for his name to be placed on the Exit Control List. In a direct attack at his character, the PSP chief also said that the governor was known in Sindh as “Rishwat ul Ebad” and was only interested in saving his governorship, without caring about what happens in the city.

Ishratul Ebad denied all accusations levied against him, saying that the PSP chief suffers from ‘bipolar disorder’.