Nishwa seeks Justice

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


Negligence may be forgiven. But criminal negligence which affects human life is always detested and condemned in every sensitive world. From the administration to the high level government officials, the criminal negligence is condemned and with swift, timely action, the grievances and grief of affected parties are mitigated.

But here in Pakistan it is a complete different story!

From seeking justice to stern actions requires blood and sweat of a common man to register his protest. When it is done then he/she has to wait for months/years to get justice. More, the process becomes tiresome that the affected person is compelled to reach a compromise.

Same is the case with Nishawa’s family. Her parents on April 7th came to the Darul Sehat hospital in Karachi for medical treatment. The case was not serious. However, she became paralysed due to wrong medical treatment at the hospital when an overdose of potassium chloride had affected her brain severely, leaving her nearly brain-dead.

Three parallel probes had been underway, one each by the Sindh police, the Sindh Health Care Commission (SHCC) and the two-member committee formed by the chief minister to fix responsibility in the Nishwa case, while Darul Sehat Hospital had already admitted its error, offering to bear all the expenses incurred on the treatment of the ill-fated child.

The infant’s father had registered a case against the administration of the hospital. As per the first information report (FIR) registered on April 15, the incident took place when Qaiser Ali took his twin 9-month-old daughters to the hospital for treatment on April 6.

Moreover, administration Officer Ahmed Shehzad, Nursing In-charge Sobia and another Nursing In-charge Atif Javed of Darul Sehat Hospital were arrested on Sunday by Sharae Faisal investigation police.

In a separate development, the Gulshan SP was restrained from official duty for the next 48 hours after a video emerged which showed him allegedly intimidating the victim’s father Qaiser Ali and warning him against pursuing the case against the hospital.

Speaking to media after the registration of the case, Ali said that he would approach every forum to seek justice for his daughter so that others did not fall prey to such practices. “The hospital administration has accepted their mistake and admitted that they administered a high dose of injection to the child,” he said.

Based on this information and developments which then followed this injustice, it is a wake up call for our conscience to not let it sleep. The way these private hospitals, which ironically are valued as more safe and reliable compared to government–ignored hospitals are operating without any fear of accountability. Charging high prices and even in some cases ‘seizing’ the dead body owing to the non-payment of dues exposes the collapse of our values. Thanks to the social media which came forward with the awakening, otherwise it was a forgotten case. We want this case to be a ‘test case’ against Mafias controlling education/health in a fragile state. Nishwa seeks justice.


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