Noor Jehan: A Voice That Still Dwells In The Hearts

Noor Jehan whose real name was Allah Rakhi Wasai was born on 21st September in Kasur, Punjab, British India. She is one of the famous legends of the sub-continent. Today is her 17th ‘Death Anniversary’.


She belonged to a Muslim traditional family, her parents were musicians by the profession. She started singing at an early age of five years. She took classes from the great singer Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan.

Later, she moved to Calcutta with her family.

Allah Wasai, along with her sisters started stage performances with the name ‘Baby Noor Jehan’.

As the time flew, she became more inclined towards acting and appeared first time in ‘Pind di Kuri’ which was directed by K.D.Mehra.

She then acted and sang for fewer Punjabi movies named, ‘Missar Ka Sitara’, ‘Heer-Sayyal’, and Gul Bakawli. All these films were made in Calcutta.

She moved back to Karachi in 1947.

Due to some personal differences with her spouse, she quit acting after doing some blockbusters such as ‘Chan Wey’, ‘Dopatta’, and ‘ Baggi’.

After that, Noor Jehan started as a playback singer. According to Lata Mangeshkar, “Jehan could sing as low and as high as she wanted, and that the quality of her voice always remained the same”.

Also, Sadat Hassan Manto in his book “Manto Nama” said that, “She Had A Pure Voice With Such Clear Notes. If This Girl Wanted To She Can Hold A Single Note For Hours Like An Acrobat Who Stands On A Tight Rope Without Slipping “.

Noor Jehan gained even more fame and popularity when she sang patriotic songs for the Indo-Pak Muslims. She was a great actress, singer and first Pakistani Female Director in the history.

She received the title of ‘Malika-e-Tarannum’. In 1965, she was presented with the award of ‘Pride Of Performance’ by the Government of Pakistan.

She was diagnosed with the ‘Angina Pectoris’ and died because of heart attack. She departed from  this world on 23rd December 2000. But, left us with her melodious songs.


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