It is not creativity, but a ‘non serious’ attitude mixed with religious sentiments in recitals

By: |Syed Tazmeen Javed|


Recitals are the purest form of expression of Love that one could express while reciting anything that hold sanctity. Known as ‘Religious Hymns’ among Christians,  ‘Bhajan’ in Hindu literature; whereas in Islam it is more sensitive and delicate.

My hands may be shaking to the extreme that could cause dissents for the readers but let speak the truth. In my tiny mind and intellect any religion would not prevent its adherents in disseminating the knowledge, preach their scripture.

However,  there is a thin line  while discussing this sensitive issue. From a very human heart: Mind and soul will all together would love to hear melodies, voice mixed with soulful emotions while ‘singing’ for the best creation that ever existed, the Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) and the Ahlulbayt(AS).

In this era of social media, competition it has seriously dented the culture of acceptance, patience and hard work. The curse of competition has swept the urge to remain ‘serious’. What do i mean by remaining serious? Lets be more particular! The new emerging Nasheeds, Naats and Nauha(Elegy) all supposed to be the torch bearer for the lovers to relate themselves 1400 years ago; however unfortunately it has undoubtedly turned them away from them.

I will not judge, neither I can dare to pass verdicts on the apparent intentions of the reciters, but speaking from a broader perspective it has  now become a ‘laughing commodity’ for the ones who are seeking entertainment. Why a reciter is providing fodder to the seekers of Entertainment? Is it so that they would remain intact or they believe that the assumed creativity will give them a keynote recognition.

Lets discuss what exactly creativity is. For me creativity is remaining intact to the root but exploring more pearls from  within a  pre -defined boundary.

Art is unlimited, but creativity is not. Creativity is that it does not eventually become a mark to differentiate among entertainment and religion. Religion is not a market and should not be exploited for monetary gains. However, if the work stands on merit it will garner compliments from world over. This clear distinction must be kept in mind to safeguard the  religious sanctity, emotions of listeners.

A feel, soul and pure creativity will be acknowledged. Those who don’t consider the endeavors and hardwork of ‘religious artists’  and disregard their work. Every coin has two sides. One cant belittle anyone based on his looks and pre conceived notions that revolve around religious artist about their redundancy in the society.

Art is supreme. So as the ‘Zikr’ of these benevolent personalities of God all mighty. Islam does not stop expressing emotions, creativity what does it forbid is that the people don’t drag themselves away from the religion due to non-serious acts of few individuals. A true Naat, Nauha would posses the soul and will be within the set boundaries  of art, creativity which will always live.

One should find a  middle way, constructive criticism is always admired and it helps an artist to thrive. Criticism must be free of judgments.




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