Official teaser trailer of ‘Teefa in Trouble’ is finally out

Ali Zafar revealed the first official teaser of director Ahsan Rahim’s Teefa in Trouble , staging a first of its kind performance to a jam packed stadium at the opening ceremony of the Pakistan Super League.


Following a lot of hype surrounding the film with celebrities from all fields questioning, “Teefa kaun hai?”, Zafar finally revealed the identity in the teaser.

The short action-packed teaser has minimal dialogues and shows flashes of the different actors in the film.

The film is the Pakistani debut of Maya Ali, who has previously worked in Bollywood productions.

The film also features, Javed Sheikh, Mehmood Aslam and Faisal Qureshi. Teefa in Trouble is scheduled for release on July 20 2018.


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