Pak-Afghan transit trade declined in 2017

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s transit trade volume with Afghanistan declined in 2017 while its trade with other countries during the same period increased.


Between 2009 and 2012, bilateral trade between the two countries decreased by 46 percent, however, after the signing of the Pak-Afghan Transit Trade agreement in June 2012 and its implementation in the mid of 2014, bilateral trade increased by 66pc to the tune of $2.07, said a commerce ministry official.

The official said that traders from both sides of the border were unaware of the transit trade facilities at Chaman and Torkham borders.

He added that Pak-Afghan trade volume could be increased to $5.5 billion and employment opportunities could be created directly and indirectly for around 200,000 Pakistanis.

The official from the commerce ministry further added that an increase in trade would also support the bridging of the trade deficit.

The official said the two countries under the Afghanistan Pakistan Transit Trade Coordination Authority should remove all obstacles hampering trade activities.