Pakistan condemns over selective, dual standards shown by international community towards humanity

UNITED NATIONS: Pakistan has voiced its strong disapproval in the UN General Assembly of double standards in implementing the international obligations to protect civilians and prevent crimes against humanity.


“Selectivity”, has meant that egregious crimes, including killings and mass blinding claim innocent victims in Indian occupied Kashmir in full view of the international community, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, Maleeha Lodhi said while speaking in the 193-member Assembly debate on Responsibility to Protect and prevent crimes against humanity.

“The tragic victims in occupied Jammu and Kashmir suffer the further indignity of living under an illegal occupation,” she added.

She also referred to the grave situation in Palestine where the failure of the international community to uphold these norms, has been what she called most manifest and telling.

As the killing fields of Gaza were drenched in the blood of over 130 innocent Palestinians, including countless women and children, Ambassador Lodhi said, the Security Council stood as a silent bystander to the plight of the long-suffering Palestinian people.

While stressing that the notion of the Responsibility to Protect stands on more tenuous ground today than ever before, she said that decisions taken by the international community, have in this regard, often failed the test of the highest standards of objectivity and impartiality.


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