Pakistan lodges FIR against Indian Pilots for destroying Pakistani trees

BALAKOT: Forestry department filed a First Information Report on Friday against Indian Air Force (IAF) pilots for demolishing several Balakot trees.


The pilots, whose names are not disclosed, destroyed 19 trees when they “hastily dropped their payload,” the FIR states.

Besides this, Islamabad is considering filing a complaint against New Dehli for charges of “eco-terrorism” at the United Nations (UN).

Indian pilots targeted Jabba Top area of northern Balakot which is located about 40 kilometers from Indian-Occupied Kashmir.

Indian pilots dropped the heavy payload on the “forest reserve” according to Climate Change Minister Malik Amin Aslam, who will use the attack as basis for the said complaint at the UN to be assessed as an undertaking of severe environmental impact.

Aslam says that India has committed an act of “environmental terrorism” while noting the pine trees that have been demolished, further stating that it without a doubt is “serious environmental damage.”

Local residents has refuted the Indian claims of killing militants and two Reuters reporters have reported that around 15 pine trees have been torn apart by the attack.

UN General Assembly resolution 47/37 addresses environmental damage as  any such damage which is “not justified by military necessity and carried out wantonly, is clearly contrary to existing international law.”


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