Pakistani delegation leaves for India to inspect Chenab projects

LAHORE: On Sunday, a three-member Pakistani delegation left for India to inspect hydro-power projects at Chenab river basin under the Indus Waters Treaty.


A delegation of experts headed by Pakistan commissioner for Indus Waters Syed Mehr Ali Shah entered India via the Wagah Border where it will inspect the water projects on the Chenab river, mainly the 1,000MW Pakal Dul and 48MW Lower Kalnai.

Prior to their departure, Shah hailed the tour as a positive development for the Indus Waters Treaty, also known as the Sindh Taas agreement, and said the two sides would also exchange information on the subject.

The tour for inspection of Indian hydro-power projects by Pakistani experts was confirmed by India’s commissioner for Indus Waters Pradeep Kumar Saxena through a letter earlier in January, after several postponements.

New Delhi has agreed to allow the inspection of the projects on Chenab basin from January 28 to 31.


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