Pakistani painter Jamil Naqsh passes away in London

Iconic Pakistani painter Jamil Naqsh passed away in London on Thursday after contracting “serious pneumonia” earlier this month.


Naqsh, 79, who had been settled in London for the last 10 years, was admitted to St Mary’s Hospital on May 7, where doctors did not appear optimistic about his chances of recovery.

Jamil Naqsh is of a generation of artists such as Sadequain, Bashir Mirza, Ahmed Pervez, Shahid Sajjad, Masud Kohari, who gave direction to Pakistani art after the country’s inception.

Pigeons are a popular subject in Jamil Naqsh’s work. ─ Photo courtesy Jamil Naqsh Museum
Born in Kairana, Uttar Pradesh, in 1939, Naqsh grew up in a home frequented by artists, writers, poets, musicians, politicians and others.

In 1954, Naqsh briefly joined the National College of Arts in Lahore. He was a serious student who was particularly drawn to miniature painting. However, he left NCA after a year to become a full-time student of dedicated miniaturist Ustad Mohammad Sharif. A year later, he moved to Karachi.


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