Pakistani Sikhs come out in support of Pakistan against Indian adventurism

TAXILA: Sikhs attended a rally on Thursday outside Gurdwara Punja Sahib in Hassanabdal protesting Indian intrusion at the Line of Control and to express solidarity with the armed forces whilst celebrating Pakistan’s act of self defense and dignified stance for peace and reconciliation.


Sikh leaders addressing the rally condemned the violation of Pakistani airspace by Indian forces, saying every Sikh is a soldier of Pakistan without uniform, and the Sikh community stands with Pakistan. They added that Pakistan could not be coerced into submission.

Participants chanted slogans in support of Pakistan and the military against India.

They claimed that the Sikh community living across the country, particularly in the tribal districts, were ready to fight alongside Pakistan to defend the country where their religious sites are located.

They added that overseas Sikhs would stand by Pakistan’s side as well in the face of Indian aggression.

Sardar Rawinder Singh said Sikhs living across the country, particularly in the tribal districts, were in solidarity with the nation and the armed forces. He said, implicating Pakistan in the Pulwama attack was a lie and an electioneering tactic by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Sikh community elder Sardar Gullbeer Singh Garnanthi said: “Sikhs have many sacred places in Pakistan, including Sri Nankana Sahib, Sri Kartarpur Sahib, Sri Panja Sahib, and Sikhs around the globe consider Pakistan their second home and stand with the Pakistani armed forces against any aggression by the Indian forces.”

Another community leader, Sardar Saat Naam Singh, said Pakistan was the land where the founder of the Sikhism, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, was born and breathed his last, therefore Sikhs would stand with Pakistan if it comes to choosing between the two neighboring countries.


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