Pakistan’s Redemption: Saying ‘No More’ to Trump

For Pakistan, the year 2018 started with this tweet.


It’s evident that Trump is frustrated. US is livid and the entire US administration is trying to find a way to coerce Pakistan into submission. But, it seems as if – for the first time in history – Pakistan is determined not to abide by US.

Now, US is like that master who is habitual of getting It’s way wither by hook or crook. But now, the underling has started not to be so obligatory and the commands from the master are met with scowl and frown. Now, even meetings and man to man contacts aren’t making the sub ordinate submit .

The master does clearly not like it.

So, he is threatening to use all the available leverages against the underling to make him oblige again.

But, the subordinate has decided to stand up and free itself of the chains it once revered.

Now, for a relatively prolonged period, Pakistan has taken steps to alleviate the US’ influence over it. That came with a cost. US rescinded Pakistan’s aid time to time and even called off an F-16 fighter jets deal that Pakistan and US agreed upon.

All this has a clear reason. Pakistan now has risen above to shrug off US and make a decision based on its needs rather than someone’s whims.

Sanity prevailed at last.

Pakistan has a long distressing history of indulging in other’s wars and bringing foreign wars to its own lands, and has faced repercussions. Pakistan has seen that it’s not getting its due credit despite immense sacrifices and all it gets is a ‘DO MORE’ rhetoric. The realization has finally occurred that it hasn’t gained anything by fighting this foreign war and this realization is now becoming evident and visible to all.

The State of Pakistan has achieved tremendous success in wiping out the menace of terrorism and terrorists who had long wreaked havoc in the country. Operation Zarb e Azb, operation Rah e Nijat and operation Radd ul Fasad, all were aimed to fight against the enemies that have found safe havens on our soil.

We have a bitter history of owning terrorists and labeling them as assets and clearly that move has come back to bite us in our rear ends. But, now clearly a policy shift has taken place. After an economic loss of billions and life losses of over 70 thousand, Pakistan is determined not to house terrorists and has done so with consummate valor and sacrifices.

The same terrorists that have been crushed by Pakistan proved to be a scourge for US and its allies. They have failed to win the war against terror in Afghanistan despite rendering a plethora of resources and time. Sixteen years have gone by and United States – the only super power- is still embroiled in this frustrating war with no foreseeable end.

US blames Pakistan to give hide outs to the same terrorists whom it is fighting against in Afghanistan.

This is a futile argument.

US only wants to levy blame of its own failures on Pakistan. Pakistan had tangible successes in its own war against terror.

Pakistan has long been dependent on US’ aid and assistance to meet its need and US has cleverly used this dependence to forge ways to coerce Pakistan to obey its commands.

Pakistan has decided to reduce dependency on the US in different fields and look for alternatives. It has sped-up the process of increasing diplomatic, trade and other relations with China, Russia and other countries.

What once was a one dimensional foreign policy now has many other options to look to.

Pakistan is aiming towards becoming an Indigenous weapons developer which has proven to be a thorn in the side of its enemy and the supply chain who sees that as one less consumer in the flourishing Military Industrial Complex based economy.

China’s ties with Pakistan have been exemplary and now with CPEC, they have further strengthened. Pakistan’s bilateral  ties with Russia have also seen significant improvement, militarily and diplomatically. With two powerful states – who both are US’ adversaries- on its side, Pakistan can afford to alleviate dependence on US by taking its own decisions.

This dissent clearly has been a tough pill to swallow for the US administrators.

US president Donald Trump, in his security policy last year directed to increase the military presence in Afghanistan. With no signs of a US’ retreat, the war is going to continue.

Pakistan’s geo-strategic position is such that it has an inevitable role in Afghanistan and US is aware of that. Any peace process in Afghanistan cannot be carried out without Pakistan.  There are only two available land routes to Afghanistan, one through Pakistan and the other through Iran. Both countries are not on good terms with US. With Iran not being an option, US will need Pakistan as its supply line for its troops and it can afford to aggravate its relation with Pakistan.

This helplessness is evident from the recent actions of US administration. US president’s tweet and the repeated resolutions for cutting off Pakistan’s aid in Congress makes it clear that US is perplexed with the new attitude of Pakistan. US also cannot repeal the status of a non NATO ally as US army hinted that it needs the support of Pakistan as an ally.

Pakistan has now decided to retort to every demand of DO MORE with NO MORE. It has also found alternatives to neutralize the US influence on economy and social sectors and most importantly, Pakistan’s general population has now decided to raise its head and denounce the aid giving US.

Now time will tell that whether Trump’s new tirade holds credence or it will fall into a long line of his ill minded jibes because clearly, Pakistan is still a need for US.

So all in all, the master is clearly not pleased with the underling as it cannot ostracize him and is also seeing him drifting away.



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