PM directs Foreign Office to facilitate Pakistanis trapped in Dammam


ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ordered embassy in Riyadh to initiate relief activities for dozens of Pakistanis trapped in Saudi Arabia s Dammam, reported Tuesday.


The government has taken notice of the issue a month after Dunya News raised voice of the victimized citizens for the first time.

The Prime Minister, in a statement has said that Pakistani nationals working abroad are country’s assets and pride.

Reportedly, embassy in Riyadh has complied with premier’s directives without any delay and initiated relief activities. Sources privy to the ministry stated that the embassy would be made a make-shift facility centre for the time being.

Foreign Ministry informed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that arrangements are being made to bring back workers who wish to return while new permits will also be made for those who wish to quit the company.

Pakistani workers were trapped in Dammam for more than two months after expiration of their iqama. They were deprived of their monthly salaries due to financial problems of their employer, M/s. Saad Contracting and Construction Company.