PM Imran announces new visa policy for 190 countries

ISLAMABAD: On Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan announced a new visa policy for 190 countries to promote tourism and investments in the country.


PM Imran addressed the ceremony for online visa inauguration at the capital.

Earlier, interior ministry sources informed that the ‘B list’ has been greatly reduced. Bangladesh has been removed from the ‘B list’, stated interior ministry sources.

Now the list only has India and Somalia, sources added.

It was learnt that now around 175 countries will get the facility of applying for an online visa. As per the new visa policy, e-visa facility will initially be provided to five countries namely Turkey, China, Malaysia, United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. The citizens of these countries will be able to apply for Pakistani visa via email at a $8 fee.

The number of countries for business visa has been increased from 48 to 96.


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