PM Imran Khan announces to introduce ‘Youth National Policy’

ISLAMABAD: On Tuesday, Prime Minister Imran Khan decided to introduce a national policy for the youth and appointed Usman Dar as his special adviser on youth affairs.


The premier met Dar, who is the current chairman of the Prime Minister’s Youth Programme, and appointed him as his special assistant on youth affairs. Following the premier’s approval, the Cabinet Division issued a notification regarding Dar’s appointment.

Along with a national policy for the youth, PM Imran has also decided to launch the Naya Pakistan Youth Programme within a few days.

Dar, who has been tasked to prepare for the policy and programme, announced that he will not take salary as special adviser to the premier. “I will not become a burden on the national exchequer,” he said.

Further, Dar said, “We will spend money on the youth and not on laptops. I will work with the prime minister to empower youth to become independent.”


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