PM Imran slams international media for not giving due coverge to human right violations in IOK

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday expressed puzzlement over the disproportionate amount of coverage accorded by the international media to the dire human rights situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir, especially in context of the widespread coverage of the Hong Kong protests.


In a series of posts on the social networking website Twitter, PM Imran noted that occupied Kashmir was an internationally recognized disputed territory that had been illegally annexed by India, with troops imposing a siege and imprisoning millions of innocent people in their homes.

“I am puzzled as to how international media continues to give headline coverage to Hongkong protests but ignores the dire human rights crisis in IOJK – an internationally recognised disputed territory illegally annexed by India with 900k troops imposing a siege on 8mn Kashmiris,” he wrote on Twitter.


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