PM’s direction to lift ban on maids entry: Shehryar Afridi says symbols of colonial mindset will be removed

ISLAMABAD: Under the directions of Prime Minister Imran Khan, State Minister for Interior, Shehryar Afridi on Wednesday tweeted, “removing symbols of elitism and colonial mindset”– a referral to PM’s direction to lift ban  on the entry of maids in the Islamabad Club


Taking to Twitter, the state minister shared a picture of a sign barring the entry of “maids and ayahs” beyond a certain point.

“Symbols of elitism and colonial mindset will be removed,” he tweeted. “Rather we should have been thankful to them [the maids] for carrying our weights. Abolish boundaries made in name of wealth, colour etc.”

Afridi said that similar bans placed in other “elite clubs” will also be lifted.

The Prime Minister, during a meeting on human rights at the PM Office directed authorities to remove discriminatory signboards from clubs (Islamabad Club, Gymkhana etc.) and other public places restricting the entry of maids, aayas and domestic servants.

Furthermore, the premier also directed authorities concerned to eliminate bonded labour in the country and said steps must be taken to educate children of poor families.


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