Police baton charge Job hopefuls at Karachi’s Civil Hospital

KARACHI: A pandemonium broke out at the metropolis’ Civil Hospital Sunday night as police baton-charged candidates who had come for job interviews at the medical facility.


According to the medical superintendent of the hospital, Sabir Memon, they had expected 8,000-10,000 candidates to appear for the interviews but more than that number turned up instead.

On the other hand, some of the thousands of hopefuls who had reached the Civil Hospital looking for a job said there was a big crowd and that they were inconvenienced due to poor arrangements by the management and the police.

Candidates said they had come to appear in the interviews but the management had not made proper arrangements.

On top of that, authorities, instead of ensuring law and order, baton-charged the disgruntled candidates, leading to chaos and confusion.

The interviews for some 300 positions, from Grade 1 through 5, had started early morning, Memon explained, and continued till late at night. He said that over 10,000 people turned up and that the police had to call for back-up.


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