Polio Day Special Programme ‘Lalkar’ NewsOne

On the International day of Polio and its eradication NewsOne has taken a special initiative to broadcast a special line of Public Service Programmes by the title of Lalkar. These programmes shall be aired on all all the channels related.


Polio, after decades is an ailment that to date has no effective and guaranteed cure. Of all the countries of the world, Pakistan and Afghanistan are two countries where after the eradication, Polio makes its return every few years.

The ailment is a cause of severe emotion hurt for the families of the ones who face the Polio. And, for this very reason the the mission of Polio eradication, both in rural and urban areas of the country the authorities play an active part from time to time and when need arises.

This 24th of October marks the International Polio Day and as Provincial Minister of Sindh for Population and Welfare Dr. Azra Pechuho says ” two countries, that are Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only ones left with this hurtful Polio. The rest of the World has almost no traces of it anymore”. She further added, “to address the Polio issue we run the campaigns of Polio Eradication by going door to door and providing free drops for prevention of Polio”.

Dr Azra further said “I request and urge the parents of children to participate fully playing their responsible part by co-operating with our efforts by letting their children under five years of age be immunised with just two drops of Polio prevention medicine”.

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